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World Oceans Day Charity Event: Virtual Beach Clean Up

About Event
One day. One virtual beach. A thousand jumping sharks, coming together to save the world's oceans. What's not to love!

How it works: you'll pick out a shark avatar in the Sansar Store and meet us on a virtual beach, where you'll be able to pick up trash, play games, dance, and hang out. As more trash gets gathered, an amazing sculpture will begin to form.

For every shark collecting trash, we'll donate $5 to EarthEcho International. If the sculpture gets completed, we'll donate an additional $5,000 - for a total of up to $10k! The Roddenberry Foundation will match up to $5,000.

The world's oceans need defending. We'll see you at the beach!

- - - -

Special thanks to FullSpectrum (Medhue & Bagnaria) for graciously allowing use of adapting their creations for this event. Some of their original content has been removed for optimization purposes, so after this event, we recommend checking out the full Scurry Waters experience in the Atlas.
Date & Time
Saturday, June 8, 2019
7:00pm - 12:00am UTC (doors open at 6:45pm)